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I officially hate the customs here now =)
So today I called TNT again and asked why my Package still hasnt arrived.
Their respose was that it hasnt been cleared by the customs yet.
In return I asked why it hasnt been cleared.
As an answer was 'Because we havent declared it to the customs yet.'

I wanted to give as a response 'GET OFF YOUR F*cking lazy asses and do something you had 2 weeks time already'

But i didnt wanted to make the guy cry, he sounded like he only had a vacation job there.
Anyways I will have to wai ATLEAST another week.

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I really wonder what you will do with the guy who eventually delivers your fursuit...
Jump-hug? Serious beating? Bows? Strangling? Worshipping? Torturing? Love affair? Shoot to kill? Rape?

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