I officially hate the customs here now =)
So today I called TNT again and asked why my Package still hasnt arrived.
Their respose was that it hasnt been cleared by the customs yet.
In return I asked why it hasnt been cleared.
As an answer was 'Because we havent declared it to the customs yet.'

I wanted to give as a response 'GET OFF YOUR F*cking lazy asses and do something you had 2 weeks time already'

But i didnt wanted to make the guy cry, he sounded like he only had a vacation job there.
Anyways I will have to wai ATLEAST another week.

Waiting for the DAMN Customs =P
So I have been waiting since March to get my suit made and guess what takes the longest ?
The waiting for the Suit to go through customs.
It has been sen on AUgust 9th and i am kinda getting inpatient off the (for me long days) waiting untill my suit finally gets here.
Why does it always seem to take the longest when you actually know something is coming your way and the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days.

I decided to finally start with this Journal
I have decided to finally share my crappy life with all of you.
Today actually nothing happened except that I set up a color set for my
Livejournal :P.

Last Saturday (April 4th 2009) I had a few fellow Furs over and we went to watch a few movies and there was some talking.

Shay arrived early and I went to pick him up from the train station at around 6:15pm.
At around 7pm Wikke arrived.
And because most Furries seem to have an awful timing the others came to late, much later then the 7pm we agreed on.

I decided to show off my Skyrunners to the others and then Kiba (my Husky) took the chance when the gate to my backyard accidentally opened to run away. And of course we had to go after him to get him back.

And at around 9pm Crowix finally arrived as last after Stihl and Fireshell.
We started off with Extreme movie
which really is so bad that it is actually funny. After that we watched White Noise 2 after the movie Wikke left to go back home. At around 2am Stihl left and around 3am i kicked Crowix and Fireshell out of the house.

Because for Shay the travel home was impossible he slept over on the couch.
The next morning at around 11am I and Kiba brought Shay back to the train station.


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